Casual, mentored workshops for beginners to Git and GitHub.

Hosted free with by GitHub.

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Feb 22 Austin
Mar 3 Tulsa
Mar 24 Boston

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No Coding Required

Patchwork is a hands-on workshop for beginners wanting to learn Git and GitHub. The exercises are self-directed and mentors are available to help you along the way.

Open Source Talks

Each Patchwork event also includes two talks on open source: you'll learn how someone else got started and about interesting projects to get involved with.


You'll leave with a merged Pull Request, a square on your contributions graph, and confidence to get more involved in the open source community.


If you've ever had a Pull Request merged, now is your chance to share the love and help someone else create magic.

For me as a QA Engineer, this was an amazing event seriously. I wish I could attend more like these. — Patchwork South Africa Attendee